Pre-Conference Focus Day

9:00 am Registration & Networking

10:00 am Workshop A

Creating Your Prefabrication Strategy to Increase Profitability of Construction Operations


• Discussing some of the additional benefits that prefabrication can bring for your business, such as training apprentices, that you can add to bolster your business case

• Working with management to promote adoption of prefabrication: Agreeing a series of benchmarks for success and timeframe for implementation to ensure alignment of expectations upfront

• Initiating internal appetite to use prefab and start proving out the use case for scale

• Identifying common roadblocks and hurdles that all contractors face early on in their journeys and lessons learned to overcome these

11:00 pm Workshop B

Optimizing Shop Layout & Logistics to Maximize Efficiency & Productivity

  • Jon Heaner Prefabrication Manager, WB Moore Company of Charlotte


• Evaluating the size of space required to kickstart your prefab journey

• Optimizing shop layout and tooling for a small-scale operation

• Ensuring maximum flexibility in the process to begin scaling assembly types and capabilities

• Knowing when’s the right time to add more space and how to do this in the most efficient, streamlined way based on your company’s investment

12:00 pm Lunch Break

1:00 pm Workshop C

Recruiting, Training & Retaining Your Team to Foster an Engaged Shop Environment

  • Sam Hamilton Director of Prefabrication & Virtual Construction, Encore Electric


• Developing a distinctive, hands-on training emphasizing safety protocols, tool proficiency, and soft skills development and recruitment program that bridges the generational gap and engages young people in a fresh, innovative ways 

• Creating a robust career development pathway for apprentices and ongoing support for their career advancement, including benefits packages and guidance on financial planning to empower them and ensure their ongoing success and retention

• Transforming the prefab shop environment from a mundane, uninspiring workspace into an engaging and desirable place where employees feel motivated and valued

• Implementing a comprehensive training and engagement strategy focused on the "train and retain" philosophy, to foster a culture of continuous learning and employee involvement

2:00 pm Workshop D

2:01 pm Establishing In-House BIM Capabilities for Enhanced Accuracy & Efficiency of Your Operation

  • Samuel Rokowski Director of Training (MTI) & Construction Technologies, Maddox Electric


• Exploring the practical steps for getting started with your BIM department without a large capital investment

• Establishing a skilled BIM team with a combined field and software expertise ensure model quality

• Quickly integrating the BIM team with other disciplines to get the most out of having in-house capabilities and ensure maximum benefit to your prefab process

• Identifying which product to start prefabricating first that will benefit your teams most

• Introducing standardized product options to your organization: How do you shift mindsets to maximize benefits of adoption?

3:00 pm End of Pre-Conference Focus Day

5:00 pm Offsite Facility Tour

With Modular Power Solutions


In addition to the workshops program taking place on September 4, Advancing Electrical Prefabrication will be offering an offsite tour to Modular Power Solutions for a limited number of attendees in 2024. Find out more here.