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Welcome to the First Advancing Electrical Prefabrication Meeting

What to expect this September


Advancing Electrical Prefabrication is a specialized gathering for Prefabrication Managers and their peers from electrical contracting firms pursuing a better prefab operation. This event offers an intimate, interactive environment for getting into the weeds with your challenges and learnings, tackling specific electrical issues such as efficiently handling high volumes of smaller assemblies, and sharing case studies of innovative assembly types like fully prefabricated electrical rooms.

Join us in Dallas this September to share your own experiences and getting direct feedback to help improve your electrical prefabrication workflows from direct peers going through exactly the same learning curve. 

Whether you're just starting your journey, a few years in, or an advanced electrical prefabricator, you'll discover valuable insights and learn from experts about advancements and best practices in product engineering, detailing, and prefabrication workflows tailored to your level of experience and expertise. 

Leave With An Actionable Playbook To:

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Get Support You Need

Learn the art of crafting a persuasive business case for prefabrication, highlighting its benefits to amplify buy-in from management and engage the field team. Address common misconceptions and adoption barriers and explore strategies to convert skeptics into advocates for successful prefabrication implementation. 

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Most Cost-Saving Decisions

Develop the systems and tech stack to effectively monitor your prefabrication operations and identify the most impactful time and cost savings for your operation. Dive into historical data analysis to enhance the accuracy of estimation and refine your systems to efficiently plan and manage your workload several months in advance.  


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Tap Into Hundreds of Years of Collective Experience in One Room 

Explore how you can strengthen collaboration with general contractors to improve project scheduling, enhance constructability, and achieve seamless integration among all trades. Gain valuable insights into the skills and criteria that general contractors value in project partners to strengthen existing cross-stakeholder connections and forge new ones with confidence. 

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Access New Business Opportunities 

Diversify your portfolio by integrating rough-in and modular products to remain competitive and realize substantial time and cost efficiencies. Learn effective coordination with other trades for wall rough-in projects and develop strategies to manage modular electric room tasks efficiently, including improving onsite shipping methods. 

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 Supercharge Your Prefabrication Journey 

Learn the fundamental principles and strategic essentials needed to launch prefabrication initiatives within your company. Explore the product options with the highest ROI, design a basic shop layout, and understand how to integrate Building Information Modeling (BIM) into the initial phases of your prefabrication shop operations.