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AEC Inspire

Step into innovation with AECInspire. Our robust platform elevates electrical contracting, integrating rapid takeoffs, comprehensive BOMs, and seamless prefab to installation processes. Leverage the elite M.A.P. Network for top-tier, standardized assemblies, catapulting project efficiency while slashing costs. With AECInspire, revamp your operational strategy and take the lead in the industry’s progressive journey. Are you a prefab expert? Enhance your opportunities by joining the M.A.P. Network, unlocking new pathways for revenue expansion.

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Expertise Partner

Founded in 2007, we have established ourselves as the largest and most experienced BIM production service provider in the United States with a proven track record of 5,000 successfully completed BIM projects and a dedicated team of over 350 BIM experts.

Our goal is to enhance the efficiency of Contractors, Architects, Engineers and Owners in the design, building, and operation processes. Collaboration with both shops and the field is crucial. Our core services are MEP Modeling for Coordination & Prefabrication, VDC/BIM Management, Laser Scanning, and Scan to BIM.





Expertise Partner

Founded in 2007, Design Process Management Group (DPMG) Corp was born from a desire to provide the highest level of trasnformative services rather than just Consultancy. A group of seasoned professionals who have real world, extensive hands-on experience helping businesses improve productivity, performance, and their bottom line. We have been in your shoes. We can relate to your problems because they were once ours. DPMG Corp can provide a wide range of consulting services to virtually any industry. If you have any kind of Administration, Design, New Product Development, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Construction, Farming, Back/Front Office and Document Management Services, we can help you. Our principles, tools, and techniques are applicable to any industry.






Expertise Partner

We are a collective of diverse listeners, thinkers, and doers on a mission to help builders integrate established and emerging technologies on construction projects. Since our founding in 2008 in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have been a trusted BIM partner to builders on datacenters, airports, stadiums, hospitals and more. Our services provide the convenience of organizing your untapped data across projects, customized to your company to gain actionable intelligence and certainty.




eVolve MEP

Expertise Partner

EVOLVE is leading efforts in helping trade contractors develop and adopt the best technology to increase profitability and growth. We have crated the first comprehensive software platform aimed at the most essential operations for trade contractors: design, procurement, shop and field. This solution will align teams on a single platform that executives customizable workflows, improves data flow, and coordinates communication between operational functions. Our software also addresses the labor shortage by allowing your team to do more work with less effort and by codifying your unique company process knowledge. EVOLVE is built by contractors who understand all aspects of construction operations, and it will continue to be built by people from the MEP industry who have lived your challenges. Our platform has best-in-class customer service and easy-to-use product design to make sure companies quickly get the most out of their investment.




VDC Specialists

Exhibition Partner

Since 2018, VDC Specialists has continually grown by coordinating highly constructable models on some of the largest, most complex, and high-profile projects across the country. This includes tens of millions of square feet of Data Centers, Labs, Hospitals, and more. With a continued focus on growth and customer retention, VDC Specialists looks forward to optimizing your most challenging projects and solidifying their name as the premier choice for Virtual Construction and BIM modeling solutions.




Orbit Industries

Exhibition Partner

Founded in 1997 by electrical contractors, Orbit Industries began as a modest manufacturing firm in Commerce, CA. Over 25 years, it evolved into a leading manufacturer of prefab products, junction boxes, and enclosures, guided by the principles of service, quality, and innovation. This commitment led to significant investments in distribution and research, fostering product advancement. In 2018, PROFAB, a service division aimed at providing enhanced value and support to contractors and distributors was established, positioning itself as a partner in prefabrication. It offers turn-key solutions, aiding construction firms manage high demand periods and explore prefabrication benefits.




Modular Power Solutions

Tour Partner

Modular Power Solutions (MPS) are experts in powering large scale data center projects worldwide, by manufacturing large-scale, complex, fully integrated power systems. Products range from interior, skid-based solutions to weatherproof, outdoor environmental enclosures. MPS has become the leading manufacturer in modular systems by hiring the best people, committing to quality work, and prioritizing the customer experience. In this facility tour, you’ll see where these precision systems are designed and built.




Building Electrical Systems

Event Partner