Welcome to the Advancing Electrical Prefabrication Summit

Accelerating the Transformation of Electrical Contracting to Product Manufacturing

With the prefabricated construction market expected to expand by 6.5% annually, reaching $285 billion by 2032, a significant shift in mindset is occurring to hasten the adoption of prefabrication techniques.  

This is why Advancing Electrical Prefabrication will unite 100+ prefabrication leaders from union and non-union electrical contractors nationwide to tackle specific challenges of electrical prefabrication such as logistical geometrical challenges of packaging and transportation from small widgets to entire floor assemblies, tracking efficiency of prefab operations to more accurately record labor hours for each assembly type or automating model transfer from design to fabrication and cultivate vital peer connections to advance electrical contractors of all sizes and maturities in their prefabrication journey. 

From tackling BIM bottlenecks to optimizing prefab installation in the field, gain insights into best practices and lessons learned from industry leaders who are revolutionizing production facilities and scaling up their manufacturing operations. Discover how you can drive continuous improvement in product and information flow, and ultimately save time and money incorporating prefabrication in the heart of your business. 

Will we see you in September?


Our Expert Speakers Include: